We fully understand how the spread of Covid-19 has dramatically affected your life and your intent to execute your travel plans. The global travel community is trying, like everyone, to navigate this extraordinary situation.

Our priority is to treat all our valued guests with the respect you deserve and offer the same level of service when regular travel flows resume. At the same time, it is our duty to protect – both in health and financially – everyone employed in or dependent on tourism.

Faced with the unprecedented turn of events, the Greek state, as well as other EU countries, recently passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue a voucher instead of extending an immediate refund.

We thank you for your understanding and support, and very much look forward to giving you the warmest of welcomes in Greece when you are ready to travel.

We wish you health and optimism, and always remain at your disposal for any additional clarification you may require.

More specifically:

  • For individual existing reservations you may cancel/amend your booking date for later, please contact reservations@panhotel.gr , providing us with your name, surname and the dates of your reservation. Mention in the email-message subject that you request for a room voucher. After checking our hotel system data, you will receive from Pan Hotel a Room Voucher with your name, referring to the amount (€) of the existing booking and the referring dates.
  • For reservations made through tour operators, online travel agents (Booking/Expedia etc.) or travel agents, please contact them directly.


See you soon again in Pan Hotel!


Dear guests,

Welcome to Pan Hotel!

Please note that due to the pandemic that Covid-19 has caused, we have made some changes and taken some extra measures in order to keep the respective health protocol for our safety. Οur staff has been trained according to the health protocol.

Kindly find below the health and safety measures regarding:

The Hotel Public Areas

  • Masks, gloves and antibacterial dispensers are available at different points of our hotel public areas (reception, lobby, café).
  • The cleaning and sterilization process has been enhanced with the daily use of steam cleaners.
  • All public areas are cleaned by our staff several times during the day, especially after interaction with people.
  • It is recommended to avoid the elevator when possible. The use of the elevator is allowed only per one room.
  • Plexiglass protection is placed at the reception desks and café.
  • Distance signage on the floors of the lobby, reception and café.
  • At the reception you can use sterilization devices for small items (mobile, keys, headphones etc.).

The Hotel Rooms

  • The check-in and check-out times have changed (15:00 and 11:00 respectively) in order to clean and sterilize the rooms according to the health protocol.
  • Rooms after check-out are ventilated with fresh air for an hour, properly cleaned, disinfected and finally sterilized with steam cleaners and/or UV lamps.
  • A hand cleansing gel is provided to you upon check-in.
  • The room windows are left in recline position so that the fresh air is constantly in parallel operation with the air conditioning function.
  • Our buffet is closed under Covid measures, so the breakfast is served to you either in the room or in the café (you call the reception in the morning).
  • In the room all minibar items as well as the kettles have been removed. In the room the remote controls and the amenities are wrap-sealed.
  • According to the health protocol, the guest informs the reception every morning if and what he needs in the room to be cleaned or replaced (towels, sheets, etc.).
  • It is advised that after use, first to close the lid and then flush the toilet.

We are here for you! We will get together through this! Have a safe stay!

The Pan Hotel Team